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AWARDS : Cannes Young Lions Finalist 2024 

Growing up as children of immigrants, especially within Asian communities, we've all joked about that constant refrain, "What will people think?" As we've grown older, we've realized this question has left a deep mark on our psyche, echoing in our adult lives despite our efforts to distance ourselves from it. In an effort to connect with Gen-Z, we're bringing Gold House into their digital realm: TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Gold House, with its mission to unify Asian cultural leaders from diverse backgrounds, plays a pivotal role in this movement. We're not just talking about Gold House and the A100 list – we're making it personal. We're showing how people in the Asian community have overcome that same nagging question through our "Can't ____, Did _____." mantra. Through engaging social activations, we're celebrating resilience, inspiring others to own their journey, and fostering a community of empowerment and support.


The moment has arrived to shift from asking "What will people think?" to declaring "I did it my way!"—with Gold House leading the charge in this transformative narrative.

ROLE : Art Director 
Copy Writer : Payton Cianfarano  


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