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Canon digital solutions America tells the story of digital transformation and how it can be implemented into different business models.  

It streamlines your business by using Canon technology. Contextually, we live in a hybrid world…we need tech to bridge the gaps between hard copies of a drawing and digitizing that drawing and sending it. So Canon has hardware and software that helps digitize your business.

This is a 360 campaign, activations include : videos, social media, UX/UI for web, infographics, and emails.


Role : Art Director

Agency : KERN

Creative Director : Zohrab Gevorkian

Associate Creative Director : Seth Raab

Copy writers : Fernand Chauffier, Christopher Weakly

Video editors : John Waters, Anna Gevorkian

Video Producer : Robbie Micara

Video 1 :  introduction to Digital transformation

Video 2 :  General Buisness

Video 3 :  Higher Education

Video 4 :  K-12 Education 

Video 5: Healthcare 

Video 6:  Legal Buisness

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