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Chrome Hearts

Barbie has been setting unrealistic beauty standards since I was a kid… Beauty standards are always shifting and even Barbie can’t fit into todays societal standards to look picture perfect with the fillers, a fox eye lift, a boob job, etc… the walking filter look…. More known as “Tweakment” culture. To that I say F*** Barbie & beauty expectations! 

I made this collage piece.

Society puts a lot of expectations and pressures on us. Peer pressure, academic pressures, and socioeconomic pressures are just a few that we deal with on the daily… ​Chrome Hearts celebrates the death TO ALL SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS. RIP....   

Chrome hearts takes over iconic statues around the world and drips them out in their well known sterling silver jewelry pieces… why? Because they can! This will attract a global audience and build more hype around the brand on social media … making it THE global event to post about.

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