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Redefining beauty, and recognized with a Webby nomination, Play boy has been around for 69 years, and there have been less than a handful of representation of LGBTQ members. The first gay man appeared on the magazine's cover of fall 2021.  Blonde bombshells have always made up a disproportionate percentage of Playmates. The implication of selling “sexy” being white and blonde as being the ideal of what sexy and beauty looks like is absurd. This campaign explores more inclusivity, more passion, more aliveness, and a more profound sense of self awareness and sexuality. Sexy is not limited to one look, one race, or one gender. It is broader.  I made a mixed media collage series of vintage Play Boy covers introducing the concept that Sexy is defined by you. Using imagery of androgyny overlapped with hand painted pieces that represent the masculine and feminine energy.  He, she, they, them, Play your way! Because Sexy is defined by you. 

  ROLE : Art Director    
AWARD: Webby nomination

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