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I was fortunate to have a creative apprenticeship experience at Baron & Baron, where I had the opportunity to contribute to a captivating NARS campaign.


Initiating women to take control of their inner power, Power Play is an expansive expression of the Powermatte universe. Inspired by Tron-like retro arcade influence, set to the beat of ’80s synth, and energized with color coded light displays. In a seemingly interactive environment models dramatically reveal their Powermatte lipsticks with powerful application swipes, each individual character reveals her own shade, demonstrating the full range of Powermatte Lipstick. Monochromatic looks, bold attitude, and dark sunglasses amplify the attitude and the power. Retro game-like transitions and title cards create an organic yet inventive way to feature the shade name as well as numbers. Both beauty and still-life will build upon gaming influences and color-block structures in order to create a world that empowers women to dominate and play. 

Creative Director I Christophe Derigon 

Account Director I Patrick Harriman 

Executive Producer l Mina Viehl

Producer l Sarah Saul
Art Director l Dahveed Morán
Art Director l Sophie Loloi

Creative Apprentice l Me 

Director: Daniel Sannwald
DP: Nicolai Niermann

Models: Assa Myriam Baradji, 

Vilma Sjoberg, Cora Emmanuel
Casting: Shawn Dezan
Makeup: Cécile Paravina
Hair: Laurent Philippon
Styling: georgia pendlebury
Manicure: Hanae
Set Design l Tom Schneider
Paris Production: North Six

Executive Producer of Post: Jacques del Conte
Video Editor l Mahferraz & Cut + Run
Editor of Product Film: Kevin Tadge
Online Barbara Losseau
Color: Tim Masick
CG: Spencer Higgins

Packaging Design: Jose Ferrufino,

Ailsa Wong, Hyewon Im, Zoe Herring

Agency l Baron & Baron

Powering up. We built a library of images for the brand to implement through an array of different medias, playing to the striking quality of NARS’ Powermatte lipstick.

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